Baby Maverick

This blog was created to keep family and friends updated on what's going on with the pregnancy, birth, and surgical plan for Maverick. We'll also be able to keep everyone updated during his surgery and recovery and hopefully be able to show you some cute pictures of him, Maddie, Carter and Chloe along the way.

This was the original intent; however, when we started this blog we had no idea the twists and turns our lives would take. Our sweet baby Maverick was born September 12, 2008 with Transposition of the Great Arteries, ASD, and VSD. We expected to have a baby boy to bring home three to four weeks after his surgery. He had numerous complications after his arterial switch and fought through many that would have taken the life from an adult. He passed away February 24, 2009 - without ever coming home.

This blog is now a place I share my feelings, work through the grief, remember Maverick, and try to make sense out of our life without him. I hope in doing so I am giving a name and a face to babies everywhere born with congenital heart defects.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Funny lyrics and a difficult task

We've stayed busy this week. Monday I took the kids swimming in the afternoon. Maddie had a birthday party that evening. She spent the night and had a great time. I feel like she can finally enjoy being a normal kid. She doesn't have anything to worry about now.

Yesterday we went to stay with little miss Addie. She was just a doll. Her momma always tells me what an "Addie-tude" she has, but I keep telling Addie her momma is just fibbing to me.

There is a pic of her below. On the way home we were listening to a CD that's a compilation of some of my favorite songs. The kids like them, too. We usually all sing them, but I was thinking and wasn't singing this time. "When a Man Loves a Woman" came on and C-man was the one singing. This is what I heard... "When a maaan loves waaa-ter." I started cracking up and told him what the real words were, then Maddie says, "I thought it said, 'When a man loves a walnut.'" That kept me laughing for several miles. It reminded me of a time I was singing in the car with my mom to a Huey Lewis song (am I showing my age or what?). I was belting out, "I want a new truck..." when my mom started laughing and told me it was actually "I want a new drug." I think it happens to everyone at some point, I think it's probably better to have your mom correct you than your friends.

Maddie also had an appointment to check up on her hand on Tuesday. It was the fastest appointment we've ever been to. Maddie timed it and it took 28 seconds. It looks sooo much better. It was a staph infection, but not the bad kind (not MRSA). It's healing nicely.

Carter has been busy trying to learn new skateboard tricks and trying to talk us into buying him a new skateboard. I think I finally convinced him that all the people that are really good have banged up boards. If the board was new and shiny then they must have just started skating... There's a video of one of his new tricks below. He went to Lake Eufaula with one of his friends today and will be back tomorrow evening or Friday. I know he'll have a great time.

Today we just stayed around the house and cleaned. I finally went through Mav's things. Everything from the hospital was just piled in his crib. Putting his things up was one of the hardest things I've had to do. I cried some, but Maddie helped me stay on task and get it finished. She's the organizing queen. The things that were special to us went in one storage box and the baby things that he hadn't worn went into another. He had so many stuffed animals. We kept the ones he liked the most and I think we're going to give the other ones to the Unzner Center. It's a place children of abuse go to have their exams. They give them a stuffed animal when they're there. We haven't taken the crib down, but I'm sure we'll do that pretty soon. I have a list of things I want to get finished before school starts and that's one of them.

Well, enough for tonight - or this morning by now. I just had to post a few more pics of the kids. Love you all, jc


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful children. Everytime I see their pictures, I just smile. :)



P.S. I must be in the posting mood tonight!

Anonymous said...

Hi Juli,

Enjoyed the singing lyrics. I remember when CSI - Las Vegas comes on with the Who singing...Who Are You? Woohoowoohoo. I thought there were saying cool water woo hoo woo hoo. :) My husband was cracking up on that one.

Hey I'm posting a link to our min. schnauzers moonwalking to Michael Jackson's "Bad." Hope it works on here.

You might have to cut and paste into your browser.


Anonymous said...

You have such gorgeous children! Chloe's hair cut is just like mine, so stylish!! Your children are so diverse and into so much, I love reading all of updates!

Vanessa Blutrich <3