Baby Maverick

This blog was created to keep family and friends updated on what's going on with the pregnancy, birth, and surgical plan for Maverick. We'll also be able to keep everyone updated during his surgery and recovery and hopefully be able to show you some cute pictures of him, Maddie, Carter and Chloe along the way.

This was the original intent; however, when we started this blog we had no idea the twists and turns our lives would take. Our sweet baby Maverick was born September 12, 2008 with Transposition of the Great Arteries, ASD, and VSD. We expected to have a baby boy to bring home three to four weeks after his surgery. He had numerous complications after his arterial switch and fought through many that would have taken the life from an adult. He passed away February 24, 2009 - without ever coming home.

This blog is now a place I share my feelings, work through the grief, remember Maverick, and try to make sense out of our life without him. I hope in doing so I am giving a name and a face to babies everywhere born with congenital heart defects.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Resting and trying to heal

This was Maverick before I left this evening. He had a good day despite his white count and CRP being up again (32 and 9). He continues to wean from the ventilator - his rate is now 18. His blood pressure has been higher and his peak pressures on his ventilator are lower (20-23) - that's all good news. A report from the lab came back this evening and he has two types of pseudomonas growing in his lungs. They are both treatable by the antibiotics he is on now. I'm not sure why his white count and CRP are rising. None of his blood cultures have come back positive for anything (no infection in his blood). I'm just praying we'll get some good news when I call to get his labs in the morning. He's doing his best to get better. He was put on the cycler today for his dialysis (that's the machine we can go home on), and they increased his dwell volume to 80mls. The first cycle on the machine was happening when I left this evening. Hopefully it's going well. More tomorrow - jc

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