Baby Maverick

This blog was created to keep family and friends updated on what's going on with the pregnancy, birth, and surgical plan for Maverick. We'll also be able to keep everyone updated during his surgery and recovery and hopefully be able to show you some cute pictures of him, Maddie, Carter and Chloe along the way.

This was the original intent; however, when we started this blog we had no idea the twists and turns our lives would take. Our sweet baby Maverick was born September 12, 2008 with Transposition of the Great Arteries, ASD, and VSD. We expected to have a baby boy to bring home three to four weeks after his surgery. He had numerous complications after his arterial switch and fought through many that would have taken the life from an adult. He passed away February 24, 2009 - without ever coming home.

This blog is now a place I share my feelings, work through the grief, remember Maverick, and try to make sense out of our life without him. I hope in doing so I am giving a name and a face to babies everywhere born with congenital heart defects.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just trying to rest

Mav had a pretty rough day today. His PICC line (his central IV line) in his right arm quit working. He had it taken out and then he still needed lab drawn. That meant he had to be stuck several times:( Since he has the infection, he can't have another central line put in now, only peripheral IVs - and those won't draw blood. He was asleep most of the time we were there today. One thing about Mav, when he's sick he sleeps. That's probably for the best. His white count is down today from 18.4 to 17.2, and his CRP dropped from 132 to 42. That hopefully means he's responding well to the antibiotics and the infection is getting under control. His little bottom still looks pretty bad. We've tried everything at the hospital, so I went online and started looking for mom-suggested remedies for raw bottoms. There were several posts recommending "Bag Balm". It's a cream used for cow udders. I went to Atwoods and bought some. We're trying it now. Maybe it will work, what do we have to lose?

Back to the regular routine for everyone tomorrow. That ice last week had all our schedules messed up. Hopefully I'll have some good news tomorrow - jc


David said...

Hi Juli,
Continuous positive thoughts are going your way. Sorry to hear about his setback - he had had several such good days. I'm hoping that he has a quick return to that healing trend. The picture with Maddie kissing him is precious.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Juli - I never thought of using bag balm on Maverick's bottom. I have used it for years for my dry skin. Even when I have a cut on my heel or finger, I put it on at night and then the next day it is all healed. Hope it works for Maverick. It's a little gooey to use, but it works! Love - Teresa